Monday, March 5, 2018

Checking on the Honey Bees

Today we had really nice warm day, although there is plenty of snow on the ground. I decided that the bees had been neglected and this day gave me the opportunity to see how the 4 hives were doing at this time. I have been worried about this yellow hive, because I have not seen bees at the entrance for about a month.

The bad news is that this hive and 1 other had no bees inside, and the hives still have plenty of honey in them.

Hum...bummer! I looked in the other 2 hives and found really high numbers of bees that are thriving. Good News!  There are three honey supers from the dead hives that are full of good honey. I gave each surviving hives another box of filled honey to boost their food availability for the next few months.

I am optimistic that the bees will come through this winter and will pollinate the early flowering fruit trees. Yay!!!