Summer Play Time

Monday, August 2, 2021

The older you grow the
more quiet you become.
Life humbles you gradually as you age.
You realize how much nonsense
you've wasted time on.
We seek the small things that
are meaningful for us.
Wanting to live our lives happily.

This morning the electric grid was out in our location, just a small local rural area. No information was made available, long time or short time. We have these sometimes when weather is not a cause. OK, do we take steps for this outage to last awhile?  I am hesitant to take action until there is information. I thought that a quick drive to see if the repair crew was working, would be a good idea. Old Man Crap - NO, no, NO!

The Old Man quickly decided that this was Armageddon, and to take action...  OK, let's just get out a generator to run the freezer and refrigerator.

1 1/2 hours later the power came on. End of todays story....blah, blah, blah.


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