Monday, April 19, 2010

Flowers and Spring and a Trip

There is warmth in the air, about 80 lately, and not freezing at night. Just a teaser for me. I have done some work in the veggie garden. We built 2 more raised beds with wood. I moved compost into some of the beds. It is a slow process, very heavy stuff to move. I move 3 or 4 wheel barrow half loads and call it good. I would be very sore if I did a great deal. Planted broccoli, and walla walla onions. I am planning out the planting beds...where everything goes. I noted that there is plenty of home canned green beans, so I'll just grow a few for fresh eating. The 3 year old Bartlett pear is beginning to bloom, for the first time! Happy, happy, now I hope there will be enough pollinators for a small crop.
On another note, I am thinking about a car trip to Moscow, Idaho. Late May, but not on the holiday. I really want to stay at Mary Jane's Farm B & B, she has the coziest wall tent set up. Decorated and fun, very special....I need to make reservations today. Yeah, it will be fun!!

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