Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Soap Making

**********************************I was Soap Making last weekend.

I took a class at Glory Bee Foods in Eugene.

I made my first batch of cold process soap about 2 years ago, and another batch 2 weeks ago. It isn't very difficult to do...regardless of everything you read and hear. Just decide to do it and get the things that you need, materials and supplies.

The class gave me ideas of different recipes and answered several questions that I had. much scent do I add? Combining several scents, and more advanced soap making. The gal that taught the class has only been making soap for about 6 months...but she is more knowledgeable than me. So, now I am armed with more knowledge....and I am going to make more soap. Tomorrow is the day for a more sophisticated batch, yeah, I am branching out. This photo is of the soap I will be looks good!

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