Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bluebirds and Summer

I love bluebirds. Hubby and I have many bird boxes on our place. The boxes can accommodate bluebirds, and usually we are fortunate and have a pair raise a nest in one of the boxes. I hope to have some this year, they can be very secretive when nesting...so it takes observation and good hearing (to listen for the distinct calls) to know for sure. Have you ever seen a mountain bluebird? These birds are all blue, the most electric blue! We see them at the high lakes, and elevations in the Cascade Mtns. The mountain bluebirds like to raise their chicks in old woodpecker nests.
The garden is slowly growing, the weather has been so cold and wet that the plants have been stunted. Now that is appears that the weather is beginning to change into a normal pattern....the plants are responding. I hope with some fertilizer and warmth the plants will recover. Otherwise with growing season may be shorter than normal and some produce may not mature...winter squash and melons mostly. The one tomatoe that is planted in a pot inside the greenhouse, has many small fruit on it...hurray!!