Friday, June 18, 2010

I love Tulips!

Here it is, middle of June, time is flying by. We are waiting for the weather to change....and turn to summer.
Tulips are blooming somewhere I'm sure. My rhodies are now in bloom. It is necessary to be really flexible with the farm...getting everything ready to bale hay....and wait to start. Meanwhile, I keep small projects handy, to fill the time that is available. I cut out some fabric for a tote, and cut up fabric from some clothing to repurpose into great aprons to sell. I keep myself busy, and don't complain about what isn't going right. I am living a life where I am creative and make the most of my time. I am always planning and thinking about projects and ideas. I would like to travel somewhere, sometime, this year...but, no plans yet. Maybe I can find a way to go somewhere in July, yeah.................that would be great. Hubby and I will go on some short camping trips to Wiciup. We have cattle at home on pasture, and 3 cats inside the house, and of course the garden! The camping trips will be much nicer this year. We purchased a 2007 travel trailer, that is larger than the old one....and it has a really comfortable queen sized bed. It will be like staying in a small cabin.