Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Purple Blooms in My Garden

Johnny Jump-ups

Culinary Sage

Blue Violets

Purple Rhododenron

I decided take get my camera out and capture some of the blooms in my garden yesterday. I notices that I had a color theme going as I was walking around snapping some photos. The plants in these photos are really easy to grow. The blue violets are my current favorite, these are some newer cultivators that have wonderful colors and blooms. I am collecting the seed pods with the plan to sow the seeds around the house and get a bunch growing. Then they will naturalize and come back every year. The Johnny Jump-ups have naturalized and they have been coming back for many years now. Generally the deer do not eat them!! Yeah, I like that! I have been dealing with very hungry deer for a long time. The deer usually will not eat herbs, and really strong smelling plants. However, the deer will taste everything...unless it is a poison plant like foxglove, and rhododendron. Fence around the house generally doesn't work, I have found that just blocking everything helps. Last summer, I saw a deer inside my greenhouse eating on the Meyer Lemon. This summer I am going to use a wire gate in front of the greenhouse door to keep the deer out.