Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grass Hay

Here is a photo of the hay field outside the front door. This grass is ready to be cut into some fabulous grass hay. I especially like the two weeks when it is tall and beautifully green. The deer can barely be seen it is so tall. I cannot see the road in front of the house. The summer solstice has just passed, and wow! The weather has turned into summer. The strawberries are starting to bear, the broccoli, snow peas and asparagus are really producing! I have much to do...defrost the freezer, freeze extra produce. Water plants....in the garden and around the house. I am making lists..to keep me on track and moving toward completing tasks. I have put some things (bills) onto automatic payments, this works so well for me. I just have to find buyers for our beef and extra hay. Find two teens to help with hay this year. I find myself keeping hubby on task, and assisting him to stay organized and moving ahead. July 4th is just days away...hard to believe. Time is flying by, plans need to be made for the next several weeks. We are all doing well.