Friday, July 2, 2010

Busy, Busy, HAYING 2010

It has been so busy the last several days. Cutting, raking, baling, and of course the hauling, and stacking in the barn. I don't have all the photos now, but they will be coming. It has been a good year, 700 bales in the barn...and all of it beautiful, well dried, cured, green grass hay. There were about 250 bales from last year already stacked. Hubby and I hired two teens to work for us, and is has been much better than before. Hubby also does hay for several friends, and there are still two of them to finish. It is a little bit cool and moist, and these two places are especially wet, from the locations in lower laying areas. It will be a few days until every bale is made for the year.