Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun with Junk

I really love these photos from a friend's I thought that I would share them. Sometime I am going get some of my junkque together and composed some great photos like she has done. I passed up an old metal picnic cooler at the thrift store last week. I am still wishing that I had purchased it....but the price was way high! I am going to the Brownsville Antique Fair on Saturday...who knows what might be there. I hope for something fabulous, the thrill of the hunt and find! I can take some photos, anyway! Guess what, today is the 33 yr wedding anniversary for hubby and I. Wow!!
The area around our farm has cougars, we have known this for years...hearing of sightings, neighbor losing an angora goat, a neighbor spotting a cougar on our place several years ago. About two weeks ago a neighbor saw two...together, near the fence. Now, last Sunday, a neighbor had a cougar take a sheep...getting it right in the barn. We are concerned for our animals, 5 cattle (one is a calf) running in a pasture that includes timber that is good hunting area for the cougar(s). There is good brush and other vegetation that a cougar can sneek very close to the house, and not be seen. Worrysome, althought the cattle are extremely watchful and stay together. Hubby saw the cattle acting strange that Sunday morning, he thinks they saw, heard, or smelled the cougar. I, myself, saw them run (I mean really run!) up to the house 2 or 3 years ago.
Whatever they saw, really frightened them, I thought at that time there was a cougar around. I hope that we don't experience an animal loss. And I will admit, I loath to walk down into the timber.