Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This and That

Outdoor Tub at Mary Jane's Farm
I dream and plan to one day make a trip to Mary Jane's Farm Bed and Breakfast. I was planning to visit in 2010, until I called to make a reservation...and found that they were not operating the B&B this year. Next summer then!
Oh let's see...what is happening around the farm. The cougars are still here, one was spotted by the driveway 4 days ago. It is unnerving to consider that this predator is so very close, and so very dangerous. Disturbing is a good word, worried for our 5 Dexter cattle and other pets. You won't find me wandering around the property. This is why I am not seeing the normal deer and fawns here.
The Brownsville Antique Fair was fun, I didn't have enough time. I purchased a Vera silk scarf, in 1960's colors, shocking pink, and lime green. I put it around my straw hat, it was great, for $5. I also found old sterling silver and turquoise screw back earrings for $10.
The garden is starting to produce. Tomatoes, zukes, cukes, and marionberries right now. If the weather stays in the 80 to 90 temp range..things will come along really well.