Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This jewelry is described by the creators as Funky, Fabulous Jewelry, Composed of Collectibles, Curiosities and other fun stuff. Brocante is their name, they are Carol, and Kay from Eugene, Oregon 541 344-5183
I saw their booth at the Coburg Antiques Fair. Wow, their work is incredible. I was very impressed. I asked permission to take photos for my blog. I wanted to share the wondrous, creativity and variety with everyone. The prices run from $40 to $125....some of the beads, and other collectibles that they use come from France and other locations around the world....and the jewelry making work is really beautiful, using only sterling silver...so I can understand the price. Now, I think that I should have found one that spoke to me. Alas, they are right in my area. I think they will have more shows in this area.
Oh, BTW, I still want a convertible. Hubby wants to sell the boat....hurrah...I will keep telling him that I want a car until he gives his blessing. :)