Sunday, September 26, 2010

End of Summer 2010

The official end of summer has happened, I am still waiting for some crops to ripen...grapes, butternut squash, and pie pumpkins. I am making raspberry cordial as usual. I did plant the garlic for 2011 harvest this week. It is getting dark earlier now, so I am spending more time crafting and sewing. I do my best to keep an upbeat, happy attitude. Sometimes, life is difficult and I want to run away.......................I just turn my mind toward where I want to be, and things that really make me Pollyanna.
I saw a Toyota Spyder a few days ago. I talked with the owner, he is 6'3" and it fits his legs, really loves his, and it gets great mileage. There is very little space for stuff when light! I thought it was a really cute sports car. These are going to maintain their value and could be a good investment.