Friday, October 1, 2010

A hike to Rock Mesa, and South Sister

The last day of September 2010, and a 4+ mile hike into the Three Sisters Wilderness. Jane and I have been wanting to make the trip there for a couple of years. You see, we spread our mother's ashes there in 2004 and wanted to visit the spot and check on the Rock Carin we made. We did walk right up beside it, had our lunch, and spent a few minutes looking for it. Well....we sat and ate our lunch within 100 feet. I guess our initial instincts were right. I just thought we had put it farther off the trail. The rocks are barely visible from the trail. The past six winters had only pushed the rocks into the soil a bit, otherwise the rocks were exactly as we placed them. Yesterday, Jane left Mom's horseback riding spurs, and I left a beautiful heart shaped western belt buckle. We tucked them into the rocks, and put a few more rocks on the top. It was a gorgeous fall day, didn't see anyone else up there, and it was good to have a short time there. All in all, I think we spent 4 hours on the hike. It isn't a long hike, but it is strenuous.