Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old Kitchen Stuff

Love, love, love, the old kitchen stuff. It speaks to me of all the women who once used the items. Maybe somehow I see many of these items as a beautiful thing...there are so many of the red handled kitchen gadgets. I just found one that is specific design is for grating hard cheeses. It seems that the inventors were really looking for every type of possible gadget for the home cooks. I do use some of the items that are in my collection. Now that Fall is upon us, I want to bake. Hubby has to lose some lbs....so I must refrain from tempting him. I have many tomatoes waiting for me to "put up", canning into crushed style or spaghetti sauce. I must stop ignoring them soon. My Meyer Lemon tree is back in the house today. The greenhouse is empty now.