Saturday, August 6, 2011

33 years ago today I was married. Wow!

I seems very strange to think about that event that happened so long ago. There have been many good times, as well as many bad times. Marriage certainly has its ups and downs. Strength and strong will is something that is required to hang onto a relationship when things are really rough. Regrets...sure, doesn't everyone have them. Sometimes, I wonder if humans were meant to be partners for life. We change so much in our lives and life can hand out some difficult situations. Giving each other the room to be ourselves is important, and to understand that we are each very different people. Vows, that we make can be difficult to keep.

I spoke with a friend recently, who experienced the devastation of her husband just leaving her...with no explanation. She is so broken, and starting a new life. She doesn't understand what happened, and probably never will. I think that he had developed a mental health issue. What do I say? I told her that she is very strong and brave. She and her 2 grown children are very close...and together they will be alright. I had tears in my eyes, for her pain and suffering.  Oh how does one help a friend that is hurting so much...... I only hope that I was some comfort to her. I pray for her.