Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lavender Blooms on a Summer's Day

Today is such a quiet, peaceful, and warm day. A summer's day that is a treasure  to enjoy. I did pick a large bunch of blooming lavender to put in a ceramic container inside. The scent and simple beauty are short lived, so I must enjoy them while I can. I grow about 10 lavender plants, they are easy to grow in full sun without much water. The ravenous deer do not eat them....ever.

I enjoyed time on the patio today.  Since I retired...I took time to create a outdoor summer retreat just for me on the patio.  I have a large concrete patio that is crumbling a bit...however some outdoor rugs, furniture, market umbrellas, solar lighting, a small water feature, and many potted plants make the spot inviting and lovely for me. There are two walls of the house enclosing it partly, hence I can hang things on the walls and "decorate" with the funky stuff I like. Old gardening tools, watering cans. benches, wall art, old windows, chair planters....I guess that you get the idea.  The only thing missing is an outdoor bed, but the idea of bugs, spiders....creeps me out. outdoor bathtub, an old claw foot one to use on warm summer nights. outdoor kitchen set up around the corner from the patio, a covered area for BBQ, a firepit, camp stove setup....a place to eat....and maybe do a bit of water bath canning when it is hot.  Maybe, someday.....we will see.

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  1. The lavender is beautiful but after your description, I want to see the patio! :)


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