Sunday, October 9, 2011

Elk #$@%&&^%$#@

These are Elk. There is a large number (oh, about 250) of Elk that live around our home and a few miles around. I am not joking when I say that I detest the animals! They come onto our 10 acres, raise havoc, eat everything that grows, tear down fencing, and destroy the landscaping. They came right up to the front door of my house last night, tore down my bird feeders and broke them. The ate a plum tree up to the 9 foot level, tore many branches off the tree, and ate or pulled up the plants around my home. They also destroyed my outdoor lighting. Ugh......I ---- them, and I have a elk tag that I will fill this year.  The deer are mere pests compared to the elk.


  1. Wow, that many elk all together surely would create a lot of damage! Good luck filling your tag, at least that would be one less!

  2. Oh man! I would hate them too!! Does hubs have an elk tag as well?????


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