Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Very Busy Farmgirl!

This lovely artwork was featured at Molly Mo's last August.

Three days ago, I wrote a to do had 34 items on it. Wow, I had to start working on that list. I am making progress, not really my Sis and I goofed off. Tomorrow, I will be back to work, expecting guests soon.  
I just realized how many craft projects that I have lined up to work is time to stay out of those very tempting stores.

BTW, the elk returned again. They tore all the leaves and limbs off my newly planted Sweet Gum tree. I wish that my dog would hear the elk and let me know, so I could scare them off. Well, the snow will not break anything off of it this winter...and it will probably live. I may get 4 - 8 ft tall T posts, and fence it for several years. It will be an ugly thing. 

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  1. Cute Farm Girl picture!
    Hope your tree makes it, danged Elk anyway!!


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