Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dutch Oven Cooking - Chili Cooking Competetion

Cowboy Beans
We attended the November Dutch Oven Cooking today at the park in town.  There was a great turnout, almost 40 people. There were 19 dutch ovens with various foods to potluck.  The theme today was Chili, so about 14 different recipes were made to determine the best, by peoples' choice. Hubby and I aren't really Chili lovers so this was a challenge for us. I found a recipe for us, and we just took it from there.  It came out very good...but we did not win. I made a dessert, Fresh Berry Cake. I have many Marionberries frozen, and often make a dessert for the dutch oven cooking.
I am a member of the steering committee, and the committee is making some changes. We will have a theme for cooking each month. We are starting a system of volunteer hosting the monthly gathering, to be shared by the willing folks in our club. Therefore, the leadership activity is involving many different people on an occasional basis. I like this because I am getting bored, and losing interest. The responsibility was causing overload. We are also initiating a 1 pm time for the food to be ready.

If you are interested in Dutch Oven Cooking check out the International Dutch Oven Society IDOS