Monday, November 14, 2011

My Extra Special Guest Bedroom

I just love this guest bedroom. I am creating mine own room with this vibe. I have an old iron bed frame, and I recently purchased a extra comfortable mattress for the bed.  I figure that if my guests have to share a small double size bed, then I will make it very nice. I have it on a slight angle from a corner.  There is an old dresser with a very large mirror next to it. The dresser is my Grandmother Lila Hawley's first furniture purchase as a young bride in 1919. There is an old lamp that came from my MIL. I am fortunate to have acquired an old crochet bed covering that I have re-purposed as a bed skirt over a white underskirt. I have added vintage quilts, and embroidered pillow cases. My accessories are different from this room, there is a large window with a lace window covering. The wall behind the headboard has a lace drapery, with a large old mirror. I would like to add a nice chair. So...all my friends who see my blog will know what they can expect when planning a visit. It is like a nice room in a B & B.

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