Friday, December 16, 2011

O Christmas Tree

We cut our tree just next door, at the neighbors Christmas tree farm. I have been waiting to bring it it stays fresh longer. Today was the day to bring it in, and decorate.  I really must organize my things I don't need to go thru 6 plastic storage boxes to find what I want. Well, I didn't find the white I put multi-colored ones on the tree...and put the ornaments on the tree. Then I found the white ones at the bottom of a box...but I didn't change them. I resolved to spend the time necessary to organize my Christmas things.  I found a round Christmas theme tablecloth at the thrift store, and I am going to change it into a tree easy project. I will cut out the center and up one side, and then use some bias tape to finish the raw edges. This project is not difficult for an experienced seamstress.

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  1. I hate when I can't find what I'm looking for and I know it should be right there! LOL!! Glad you got your tree up and decorated! :)


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