Saturday, December 17, 2011

What do you think...when you see these signs?

What do you think, when you see people with these signs?  The beggars are all over the city nearest my home.  I think...are they really homeless or is this a con to get people to feel sorry for them...and give away money?  I see the same people, at the same places, for months on end.  One time, I saw a man begging for money in the morning...and later in the day I saw him at a gas station purchasing a 24 pack of beer. My hairdresser told me that her co worker's hubby begs full time..and he makes a good living.

My way of helping the needy is to give to a local charity that provides food and housing for the really needy. What charity is it- St Vincent De Paul.  I know that they are locally the best, their donations and money stay right here....and it doesn't go to the very high salaries like some Goodwill managers receive.


  1. I'm of the same opinion. If they are truly needy, there are orginizations like St. Vincent's or the Food Bank that can help them. I have offered food before only to be told, "No, I just want money!"

  2. A friend of mine would give out McDonald gift cards to the homeless. That way she know for sure it would be used for food. I thought that was a great idea.


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