Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Junk Monkey in Oakridge Oregon

My friend Jonathan Short has a shop in town called Junk Monkey. He has all kinds of things there, antiques, chocolate, original oil paintings, reworked and vintage jewelry. All kinds of things to enjoy. Please stop by and see him when you come through Oakridge. Jonathan is very knowledgeable about jewelry...I ask him questions all the time. He is my information resource for remaking jewelry, and I am currently making myself University of Oregon jewelry...yellow and green. I have collected used jewelry to take apart for my project. My bracelet is going to be fashioned with the idea of this one...not as many beads...maybe 1/3 of this beauty. He sells on Ebay, and on his website, Junk Monkey. There is going to be an Antique Fair coming this summer, and I plan to be there too.

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  1. What a fun store! I could spend hours in there checking everything out!


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