Friday, February 17, 2012

Flea Market Gardens

I purchased this magazine yesterday, I enjoy the ideas for projects and plants. My area is still wintry, snow, rain and pretty cold. The bulbs are coming to life; tulips, daffodils, and muscari. I am partial to whimsy, and repurposing things; old swings, camp stools, watering cans, lanterns, and much more. I get some great ideas. I am always on the watch for interesting things, old sprinklers, brass nozzles, rusty stuff. In fact, I found an old enameled wash basin to hang in the vegetable garden, to use for gathering  fruit. Hubby got some lumber today, to make two more raised beds in the vegetable garden. I will then have 12 raised beds, getting close to my goal of a no till garden.

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  1. I'll bet there are some really cute ideas in there!
    I picked up my copy of "The Cowgirl's Cookbook" today, what a fun book! Thanks for mentioning it! :)


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