Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vintage Button Addiction

I can't help myself...I like vintage buttons. A Lot!

I can remember as a little girl playing with mom's collection of buttons. She used to cut them off clothing before it was discarded.

Well, I still like buttons. Vintage Buttons. They really bring craft projects a special something.

I get them at thrift stores, for little money. Today, I got a bag with about 40 button cards, all ...for $1.50. 

I like to sort them by color, is makes it easy to find them for projects.

I like to put them in jars, just for the beauty of looking at them.

I use flat ones with magnets glued to the back.

I make bulletin board pins, by gluing large flat tacks to their backs.
I can string them together on elastic, to put around jar candles.
So much fun!!