Monday, March 5, 2012

March/April 2012 Hobby Farm Home

I subscribe to this magazine, the contents are usually appealing to me. I have dropped my subscription to Hobby Farm, as there is not much content. This issue has a great article about outdoor kitchens, called Cooking Alfresco. I have long thought that a small roofed structure would be nice.  I would set it up with outdoor stuff, put the gas grill under it, and the charcoal cooking area. I would be able to do some canning outdoors to avoid heating the house. Maybe even a solar oven if the fancy strikes me. I would put out some vintage wares to decorate!
Check out the website Hobby Farm Home scroll down the left side to this magazine. They also publish other farm related magazines that may interest you. It is more economical to subscribe than to purchase off a rack.

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  1. I love Hobby Farm Home! I saw that article on outdoor cooking. Solar ovens are all the rage here in the high desert, lots of sunshine to power them! LOL!!


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