Thursday, June 7, 2012

Handmade Soap

I made soap yesterday. Soap is set after 24 hours in a box lined
 with plastic wrap.

The plastic wrap makes removal from the box very easy.

Score the soap before you cut it, with a stainless steel thin blade.

Add a stamp if you want.

Use a soap stamp, and a rubber mallet.

Cure for about 8 weeks.
I make cold process soap at home. I started this because I had beef tallow, and became interested in the soap making process. I learned from a website, and am self taught. The description called cold process doesn't make much sense to me, because it involves hot oil and lye water.

I took these photos today. This soap is apple scented, and slightly pink.  The photo shows that it looks a little irregular after cutting, I think that adds to the handmade - hand crafted look.

We love this soap very much! It is not harsh like the chemical detergent bar soaps sold for bath use. It leaves your skin nicely clean, but not dried out. The soap lathers very well,  and it is nice to use.  The soap only gets better with long curing times (several months), and it lasts in the shower for a long time.

Yes, I do sell the soap at shows, because I make 3-4 batches a year, and each batch makes about 24 bars. Too much soap for us to use. I price it at $5 per bar.

This is the website that I learned soap making from -  Mullers Lane Farm.

A good place for supplies is Glorybee Foods.


  1. Hmm... why am I craving strawberry fudge now? Beautiful soap. :)

  2. Your soap is beautiful and I love the soap stamp! :)
    I'm not brave enough to try soapmaking, I don't want to mess with the lye.


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