Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vintage Bicycle Planter

via Pinterest.com
 It is fun to get creative, and put some interesting items in the landscape. I have so much trouble with the Deer and Elk eating everything they can possibly reach.  I look for and use old rusty stuff, and an old bicycle around the front of the house. That way...when the plants are eaten to stubs...there are fun and interesting things to look at. This summer I will use an old bicycle and tricycle with some faux foliage/flowers when the real foliage/flowers are eaten. 

BTW, Hubby purchased a wireless driveway alarm. We are going to use it to let us know when the wildlife are out front...foraging and destroying the plants. The idea is that we will know when to go out and chase them off. I hope that it works. Or...I could get some of the horrible smelling Liquid Deer Fence, I know that it works. (If you can stand the odor.)