Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pink Truck Girls?

I have not been posting to my blog as often recently. My excuse is that my friend Deana and I did Vintage Fair the last two days. This was very spur of the moment...she called me with the idea on Tuesday or was it Wednesday? She set up the location and most of the details. We pulled it off quite well if I say so myself. We had many people stop by, as we were in a prime highway lot..right next to two food places..with very good access and parking. This is our first outdoor adventure with this idea! We had fun and sold stuff too.

We are thinking of another Vintage Fair. This is high tourist season here. We should attract many folks (there were about 400-500 people each day this time).

We need to come with a good name for this venture. I am posed in her truck in this photo. That pink truck attracts attention! Tell me your ideas for a fun name...Pink Truck Girls/Sisters...we are just getting ideas about this. Anyone living near here interested? How about you, Gail?


  1. A real dream truck! I wish I had one of those! I think Pink Truck Girls sounded very good!


  2. I like The Pink Truck Girls too, very catchy! Sounds like a fun venture, wish I was closer...


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