Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crafting with Old Bracelets

I found this idea online. She took an old metal bracelet and spray painted it Turquoise. This remade bracelet styled with the coral colored beads is fun and funky. I have something to make over. I have several colors of spray paint that I can use. I think that a long necklace of beads can be restrung on elastic for the other bracelets. The metal cuff shown below is covered with Mod Podge with a stamped vintage book page. I am thinking about layering several layers on a metal cuff, fabric, lace, old findings, stamped paper, and other odds and ends. Sounds crazy? Well, I am still working on the idea...........not formed in my head yet. However, I do have a color theme idea. Green and Yellow, for my school, University of Oregon, the Ducks. I will use the school colors, but in a sophisticated adult way... a funky, vintage, unique, and lovely way.