Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY Cake Stand or Jewelry Stand, or ???

Have you ever seen these fun cake stands?... and they can have so many uses. Let's see, desktop organizer, spice stand, fruit stand, candle holder, jewelry organizer, and many other ideas. I think that it can be used for a unique table centerpiece.

My daughter, Nicole, was home for the weekend and we made some of these stands. I like using candle sticks that have a good flat surface, and vintage plates. I love-like this idea in the photo using silver plated items. I find the glass parts for very little cash at thrift stores, or other sales. Silver costs more, so I am not making them at this time. I want to find a glass dome or two, for food items...dessert or?

I am making some to display my homemade soaps, and other items at the next Vintage Sale. I want to keep the costs low, and therefore I will sell them at a reasonable price. I am keeping my cost at $3 each, to sell at $5 each, this is just a trial to see what happens.