Friday, July 20, 2012

South Ice Caves in Central Oregon

Hubby and I went on a short camping trip this week, to Central Oregon. I thought that it would be interesting to do some exploring into places that we have not been. A short day drive from the campground, to the eastern Deschutes National Forest, Fort Rock Ranger District. There wasn't much of a plan...just to go east from the town of La Pine. We drove out Forest Rd 20, a nicely paved road with no other traffic. (We saw 2 govt trucks, and 2 private trucks.) After about 10 miles...we came to a road junction with signs. The only place it directed to was South Ice, OK let's go. The caves are beside the road about 25 miles east of La Pine. Interesting, hum. There is a trail to the cave entrances, and the caves are open to explore. Inside the cave entrances we found the air temp to be under 40 degrees. NO exploring into the caves...are you kidding way! These caves are lava tubes, and can be quite long, and there often is ice inside them. I will leave that to the cavers.