Monday, July 23, 2012

Dirt Diva - That's Me!!

Wearing a Dirt Diva Crown
What am I up to - you wonder? Just playing on my computer with cell phone pictures. This photo was taken about 3 months ago, when I visited Monticello in Portland. The Garden Show was in full swing at that time. I just could not resist playing with this crown made with chicken wire. It says Dirt Diva across the front. Really cute!! Maybe I should change my blog photo to this one. Hum...

Today, I found a way to get the photos off my old style cell phone, to my computer. My daughter has a smart I sent it to her, and she emailed it to me. I then used to crop, and fix the photo so that looks nice. The reason behind all this...I need some good photos of myself for Brave Girl Camp. I am going to a fall session!!