Sunday, August 12, 2012

Deer Alarm or Driveway Alarm? Both!!!

Blacktail Deer eat most anything.

Driveway/ Deer Alarm

My Hubby came up with a possible way to deal with the deer. A wireless driveway alarm! We have been using it for a month, and are happy with the system. The only drawback is that a person must be at home to scare away the deer. We put the transmitter on the side of our home facing the tree and perennial flower plantings where the deer are very problematic (eating everything) and the receiver indoors. The alarm sounds indoors when something large passes by outside. It works for about 150 feet from the unit. It is drying up here and the deer come to areas where there is tasty food. This time off year we will leave it on all the time, deer will come in to our plants day and night.