Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hudson Bay Blanket or ?

This blanket is not a Hudson Bay Blanket. There are only 3 stripes, and a Hudson Bay Blanket has 4, and black points indicating the size. It is not even a Pendleton Glacier NP blanket...the colors and stripes are not right. Anyway, that said, it is a vintage blanket...maybe a JC Penny brand. I am not sure, there is no sewn on tag. I purchased it today at St. Vinnie's, for $4.49. I know that I can resell it to some mountain man reenactors I know...they love to get these, I have sold 2 different blankets in the past. Or...maybe I will just keep it to use when camping or dutch oven cooking (to pad the ice cold picnic bench) in the winter. My research is that ebay sellers are asking between $50 - $99 for this blanket, in great condition. I would never ask for more than $20 for this blanket. I will think about it for a bit.

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  1. Wow, it looks like it is in really great shape! I love those Pendleton-looking blankets! :)


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