Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Growing Daylilies from Seed

Last summer I collected some seed pods from my yellow daylily, planted the seed in the soil between some blueberry plants, and forgot them. What happened? I am happy to say that now there are 3 blooming daylily plants. I have plans to transplant them. I have more seed pods ripening this year...and I will repeat the process. Of course the outcome may be a spectacular new flower, or a disappointment. I think that it is a fun, interesting, thing to do. Using my own seeds makes the planting free to me. Maybe a public park could provide other colors and blooms...of course, be discreet when collecting seed pods. I don't think that there are seed pod police...

I need to divide and transplant several daylily clumps, and that is a better way to create a large display of a single type of flower. Now...if only the deer don't eat them. 

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