Monday, December 17, 2012

Blizzard Warning! In Oregon???

Here in Western Oregon, where it rains for 8 months of the year?  That was the forecast...starting last night, with very high winds that were warm. Here at the farm, we indeed had the winds. The power was off for 18 hours, the snow here is minimal...about 2-3 inches. There was deep snow is higher in the mountains. (The ski areas will open now.) I was happy that I had run the dishwasher, washed all the dirty clothes, and put warmer blankets on our bed. This morning it was time to put on the warm wool sweater and bundle up.

I built a good fire in the fireplace wood stove insert. The house got warm and I was comfortable. There was plenty of time to read books and magazines. I had bread rising, and had to bake it in the camp trailer oven. It cooked OK...not as nice as the house oven. 

Now, the next 2 storms are coming in with very low snow lines and 6 to 12"...even at the Pacific coast. I think that we will be shoveling snow, and removing the snow from the driveway in the near future, there will be 1-2 feet of snow at this elevation (2500').  We will be staying near home for the time being. People in this area don't drive well in snow conditions, and it is hazardous. It is dangerous to be on the roads with them. Tomorrow, it will be time to put on the warm Sorel boots for outdoor use.

I may not post to the blog because of power outages again. Not looking forward to that.....