Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Tree Cutting

Today was the day to get a Christmas Tree. Hubby and I went out in snowy conditions. Our neighbor has several acres of Christmas trees growing right next to us. We do a little trading for a tree(s) the last 5 years or so. We were home with a nice tree in only 1/2 hour. It is now dripping dry in the shop...maybe we will bring it inside tomorrow. I have several tubs of decorations inside, ready to unpack. I plan to dispose of unwanted things this year, I have already disposed of 2 boxes. It is about time.

We used to go out into the Willamette National Forest, to get trees with a $5 permit. It was a time and gas wasting struggle to find my hubby's perfect tree. I would get him to take someone else along, so I could stay home.


  1. We gave up cutting down a tree a long time ago, because of the struggle (laughing)... love your picture!

  2. I love a fresh cut tree! Did it a few times when my son was little...a wonderful memory! Have a blessed week! Roxie

  3. What a pretty snowy picture! That's neat that you barter for a tree with the neighbor. I hope you post some pictures after you get it all decorated! :)


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