Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Glamper For Me

1963 Aloha Travel Trailer

This really small cutie is 13 feet long, from the hitch to the rear bumper. It features a rear kitchen, a front table that makes into a bed, and the overhead bunk for the kiddies. They also made this model without the overhead bunk.

There is a small window in the rear kitchen. Unfortunately this corner is a problem. She said that it has no leaks...I did not see any. I have had it home and in the shop for a week. It was very frozen from the cold climate near Bend...and now it is thawing out. This corner is draining water to the outside. Well, that said...she did tell me that the copper water lines had splits in them and needed to be replaced. If there was frozen water in the lines...that explains it. The area under the water lines is wet. Yesterday I put a small space heater inside to warm it, and dry it...the windows have water on the inside of them now. Oh Boy. Last night I thought that the heater maybe a mistake, what if the electric lines short...then the whole shop and everything burns. At midnight, I went out in the snow to unplug the trailer.

The trailer does not have a fresh water tank, or grey water holding tank. That is good...I don't need to be concerned with tanks. There is a tiny hot water heater, underneath the refrigerator. My thoughts are to take out all the copper lines...and the old hot water heater. I will then install a single water line from the fresh water cap to the sink...and call that good. See those 2 lines on the back of the trailer, one for a water connection, and one for the sink drain...close. Then I make sure that the sink drains directly to the outdoors...where I will use a container for the grey water. Those two things are very close together, I will slope the expandable plastic water line to the exterior for complete draining, and then the water line worries are over. Yay!

They are parked side by side, in the metal shop. The Terry goes all the way to the back wall.  The Aloha has  farm equipment (a large square hay baler), and riding lawn mower behind it.

Another post will show the interior. To come!

Farmgirl Glamping and Sisters on the Fly, here I come!