Monday, February 25, 2013

Inside the 1963 Aloha Trailer - Before Photos

Here is your photo tour of a very small 1963, 50 year old Aloha. The door is in the back. You enter into this kitchen, pretty much all it is. A sink, working trailer stove, and the really nice original Formica counter top.

Directly on your right is a built-in dresser, and then the table and benches. The Formica is the same, and in excellent condition. The upholstery is a light butter yellow vinyl. I like the dresser, my clothing will fit right in there...instead of packing a duffle.

This is looking directly toward the front. The kiddie bunk is going to used for extra storage, a down comforter, blankets, pillows, musical instruments, and hats. I will have the bed made up most of the time. When the bed is made, there is room underneath for storage during travel, maybe for a folding chair and table. (A small bistro set.) I took the table down and am currently storing it on the bunk right now...there is more space to move around. There is storage area under both the benches, and outside doors to them. That is good because the battery to run the lights is under the left side bench. I will be able to remove it and charge it if needed.

Here is the final corner, this door is right beside the stove, a tiny closet. The electric only refrigerator that is a replacement for the original does work. Directly under the refrigerator is a tiny round hot water tank, something that might have been used in a house. The water lines run along the floor, from the water heater thru the closet and to the sink. Fortunately, the copper lines are exposed...and I can remove them. When the water heater is gone...there will be additional storage. I am thinking that a small microwave would be nice...something that I will take along when there are electric hook-ups.

The last owner had the curtains made, and she gave me all the extra fabric. I am going to keep them for now, even if the fabric is faded a little.  As you can has potential, and is in good shape. I am thinking of naming her Prairie Flower. Oh, and BTW the trailer has stopped leaking water! Good.


  1. Oh Sharon, what a find!! It is darling and I would have bought it too! It's in fabulous shape for its age! Can't wait to see your touch on it! Blessings....Roxie

  2. Also....LOVE the name! Prairie Flower is perfect! Roxie

  3. I am so excited for you to have that nifty little trailer-I bet you will spend many a happy moment in it.
    Have a good week

  4. I love the name you chose for her!! :)
    She sure is in good shape for being 50, what a great find!!

  5. So glad to see you got her home. Now the fun begins to making it your own. Love it!


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