Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Hubby and I decided to replace the ancient 1980 fireplace wood insert that has been in the house. It is very large, ugly, and didn't work much (no heat). It is true that we replaced an ancient heat pump a few years ago. However, our electric bill is $190 a month, year around. The heat pump is set at 64 degrees, and 56 at night... just imagine the bill if we had 68-70 degrees. This photo is not of our home, it is just a manufacturer's advertisement. It is the style of fireplace insert that we determined to purchase. I like it because it just looks like a nice fireplace door, not like a wood stove.I am looking forward to the radiant heat of a fire. There is still plenty of cold weather left this year to enjoy a fire.