Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Enjoying My Ukulele

 I really like this vintage photo. They are posing in the these  costumes. I would guess that these girls might have been in a talent show or something along that line.

These girls are the Boswell Sisters, I can see that they look like a family. I like their hairstyle with the curl on their forehead. Pretty cute photo.

Finally, this Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post from Sept 22, 1928 is pretty special. I do notice that in all of these vintage photos the hairstyles of the era. 1920's..short...flapper...modern girl!!

I am enjoying the ukulele, I think that many people can learn it. If you have ever played a guitar, the ukulele has just 4 strings and the fingering chords are simple to learn. You can find an small soprano instrument for about $50 to $75 and there are plenty of online resources to assist in learning.