Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Planting Veggie Starts

I am back to blogging today. I completed the income taxes, and I am happy to report that we are getting a very small refund...Yay, most year's it is writing out a check to the IRS.

See this photo, I decided to go ahead and purchase 2 6-packs of Broccoli and Cauliflower today. I had time to plant them too. I am going to wait a while before I grow some Snow Pea starts and get them planted. The weather will be unsettled for a few weeks still. 

I purchased a few bags of potting soil, for the patio pots. The perennials that I am going to transplant into them are coming up and it is a perfect time to get the pots going. I have a new plan for the patio this year, small 12" daylilies. The deer have not been eating them at all...therefore a new planting idea. I am growing more of the seed (from the daylilies), and dividing the larger plants, to add to the yard.