Monday, April 22, 2013

Bee Keeping on the Farm

I think that it is high time to show you the latest addition to the farm. The bees came home on April 13, 2013. They have been in their new home for ten days now. The first 4 days were cold and snowy here...that is not a good thing for a new colony of bees. They just stayed inside trying to keep warm and survive. Last Saturday, April 20th, we did a check see if the bees are building comb and the queen laying eggs. Oh Boy, there was very little comb getting started, and no egg laying. We are worried. The bees have been doing better the last 3 days of sunny and dry weather. They are busy collecting pollen and nectar. We will check them to see about the comb and egg laying, if not...we need a new queen. I hope not.

The bee book does say that this specie of honeybee is from the Austrian Alps. They do well it mountains and able to handle adverse weather. That fact is a little bit comforting...


  1. Hopefully they will have everything moving right along. That is very cool that they are bees that originate from the Austrian Alps.

  2. So many benefits with bees, I hope your queen survives.
    Good luck

  3. I am not a beekeeper, though my neighbor is. I love to watch them. There are a lot of bee keepers with blogs, though! Good luck!


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