Friday, June 28, 2013

2013 Canning Magazine

I gave myself an exception from the self-imposed magazine diet for the issue of Canning 2013. These are once a year issues that I keep for reference. It is early fruit time here in the Pacific NW of the USA. The primary fruits are currently Strawberry and Cherry. My friend Mitzi has a lovely sweet Cherry tree in her yard, and picking is upon us. She gave me a large bowl of Cherries, to eat fresh or to can. I had most of them still in the refrigerator and decided to make this recipe for Sweet Cherry Jam. This is my first time to make jam from Cherries. I hand pitted the cherries, leaving my fingers very stained. I followed this recipe exactly. I am happy to report that the jam is excellent!

The magazine has a large section of making various pasta sauces to can. I am really looking forward to make some of them in the fall, when the tomatoes are ripe. 

There are many interesting and unique jams and preserves in the magazine, even one for a Bacon spread....hum....I am going to try that one.

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  1. I'm on a magazine diet, too... and ending all my subscriptions but one or two. I have not seen this issue, though, and will look for it.


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