Friday, August 30, 2013

A Lazy Day at the Farm

I have been alone on the farm the last week, with 10 animals to care for, and the garden. sitting to boot! These two have been enjoying twice daily swims. My dog is the Lab, Radar. I am taking care of Cappie, the Pom. These boys get along very well. This pic is of them swim. I am lounging under a market umbrella..drying off also. I get soaked from my knees down...from them. I have with me the essentials....

A hard cover book, from Goodwill for 20 cents, how about that deal!
My Nook in the pink case, I have about 50 books on it...currently reading The Hunger Games. the Gold case, my Nexus Tablet.  I just got the gold case, at Macy's clearance...a $30 item..for $5, how about that deal. I have been thinking about crafting a case...but not anymore! I just love to use cases with a feminine touch (someone will not want to borrow them). I am not into sharing my goodies...

Don't ya just love it when that happens!!! I found another great deal on end of summer clearance...a pair of nice shorts (original price $45) for $3.99....that's 90% off!!! We will have a month of warm weather in September, so I will use them right away.

Have a Great Weekend...and enjoy the holiday on Monday. Tomorrow the University of Oregon Ducks play their first Home game of the year...I will be certain not to be anywhere near the traffic jams from the fans.

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