Sunday, September 15, 2013

Getting the Cowgirl Vibe

This vintage trailer is decorated in a cowgirl theme. Some cute things here, the cowgirl pillow and the coffee pot caught my eye. Last Sunday, when I went to the vintage fair...I hoped to find a great coffee pot for Prairie Flower. I only found pots that where in terrible condition, or the good ones were very expensive. I just don't think that I need a $60 coffee pot. There was a vendor with french enamel coffee pots, the pots were very pretty with nice price tags too. Oh well, my search will continue...if I only knew someone going to France...

One of my few finds is a vintage floral tablecloth that has a few holes and frayed edges.  I am going to cut it up into tea towels for Prairie Flower. The result will be fun...............


  1. Love it , then again I am a vintage cowgirl. lol

  2. Do you know where to get these in Paris because I am going next summer?
    You can give me a budget.


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