Monday, September 16, 2013

The Neigh...borhood Hood.........

He is my favorite. He has been around for 8 years, from birth actually. A really beautiful horse. He is half Arabian, and half Andalusian. I would love to own him. He was black at birth, and is getting grayer every year...just like his mama.

He always comes when I call him over. His face is pretty, and his muzzle is very soft. He is sweet.

The chestnut red mare is a very unruly girl. She is always squealing and carrying on, but they are buddies.

These three are next door today, however, the owner changes the horses around sometimes. She has 5 horses in total, so at times everybody is here.
This Pinto gelding must be her best riding horse. She rides him all the time, and he is not here very often. He is standoffish, and doesn't like to visit me. He came up to me because he thought I might have an apple.

These horses do not belong to the guy next door...he allows them to be pastured in the summertime. I enjoy them...


  1. Beautiful ~ horses have always been one of my passions. Wonderful that you can enjoy them on your walks.

  2. AH, look at those trouble makers!

  3. They are beautiful! How fun that they came to visit you at the fence! :)


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