Friday, November 15, 2013

Wishing to be Camping

Fall is here, the leaves are almost gone, there is frost in the mornings, and the house is always cold. I am wearing extra layers of clothing, and no longer sit on the patio to dry my hair. I have begun Christmas shopping, and we are planning a Thanksgiving Dinner here on High Prairie.

Still, I long for a nice day for camping, and a lovely campfire. I must settle for the fireplace and some marsh mellows. Maybe a Stew, or nice hot meal at home instead of hot dogs over the fire.

A time to complete some crafts that have been postponed. I finished two projects today, hemming fabric for a picnic tablecloth, making over a tray for a gift. 


  1. Winter camping CAN be fun, as long as you have plenty of blankets and some good wool socks! ;)

  2. Sharon, I'm thinking the same here today too. It's great weather today, and not freezing cold. However, I think rain is on the way. We already put our camper in the barn for the winter too.


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